2018 - 2019 Season Shows

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Our 40th Performing Arts Season continues to 'Rock the House'!

Sold Out performances is something our Saint Joseph community has come to expect. International award-winning entertainers – from '1964...The Tribute' recognizing The Beatles – to 'Drumline', the 'International Superstars of Magic' and 'Church Basement Ladies'. The Saint Joseph Performing Arts Association also draws audiences from across the country when nationally recognized entertainers like 'Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women' perform at our historic Missouri Theater. The show included attendees from Florida, California, Minnesota, Iowa and New Mexico.

In addition, our Educational Outreach program brings local and area students together with performers to learn more about music, vocals, dance and theater in group workshops.

The Performing Arts Association wants you to join us in continuing our mission of bringing unique theatre experiences to the Saint Joseph community. Help us increase the momentum of successful programming and educational outreach for seasons to come!

While ticket sales are an important source of revenue, they are not enough to cover all costs of production and educational activities. The generous support from donors, such as you, creates a link with our sponsors, grantees and future audiences so they too can enjoy the best of the performing arts.

The non-profit arts organizations of Saint Joseph help attract audiences, spur business development and support the city’s quality of life criteria. Your tax deductible contribution is essential to the success of the Performing Arts Association for our community and all of Northwest Missouri.

We appreciate each and every one of you and your dedication to the arts. Take a moment to reflect on your belief in our mission and consider a financial contribution to help us continue the level of excellence our community so greatly deserves.

Numerous volunteer opportunities exist at the Saint Joseph Performing Arts Association for individuals and groups. Please call or e-mail us to learn more.


Call us at 816-279-1225 or send us an email: info@paastjo.org